A Residence in St. Augustine, Florida
When we arrived, the masonry foundation and walls of the basement, or first floor, had been constructed. We began by building the engineered truss system supporting the floor above. We then framed the basement's interior walls.
Here, we begin stacking the first story of logs, per the blueprints.
At this point, we have added the subflooring and framing for the second floor, as well as the support beams for the third floor.
We then begin stacking the logs for the third floor walls.
With the third story walls and porches completed, we move on to the roof construction. This project called for a metal roof.
Exterior doors and windows are then installed, and this project is dried in. This is a good photo of the dovetail corner joints called for in the plan.
At this point, the logs have been stained. This owner selected the honey color stain.
Landscaped in a "woodsy" style.

The stonework and staining on this project was handled by Flawless Image Decorative Stone.

This side faces the Inland Waterway
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